Life Science 11

Welcome Back 🙂

I hope everyone has had a rejuvenating summer vacation, and is ready to have a memorable year in Life Science 11!  I am looking forward to working with all of you, making connections to Biology,  and building on your existing curiosity.

Room 314
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Life Science 11 Course Outline: Life Science 11 Outline

BC Ministry of Education Curriculum Website:

Organelle PowerPoint: Cell Structures and organelles

Sept 18th Homework:
Please complete the Critical Thinking Questions Worksheet we started in class

eMentoring Opportunity:  

ms infinity, a subsection of the Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology ( The goal of ms infinity is to encourage young women towards careers in STEM (ms infinity is an abbreviation of math and science = infinite possibilities).
eMentoring is a free 8-week program that pairs girls in high schools across BC with female role models in science, tech, engineering and math careers. Students and their mentors are sent weekly discussion questions, covering topics such as their career path, post-secondary life, work environments, finances, work/life balance, and what to do with your degree. eMentoring is done entirely over email. The time commitment is approximately 1 hour a week.
The next round of eMentoring runs from October 7-November 30, 2019. Applications are due October 4. Students can also apply online (

Test Reminder: Thursday, October 3rd

Jeopardy Review for the Test
(the questions highlighted in pink will NOT be content on the test)
cell jeopardy reviewLabelled Microscope: Microscope Labelled


DNA Quiz Reminder:  October 24th
Checklist for Quiz: DNA Quiz Checklist

Classification Test Reminder: Wednesday, November 16th
Review Answer Key: Answer Key for Chapter 15 Review